Losing Your Driver's License Is Stressful

You need support from a trusted DWI lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas

The road is a dangerous place. It's even more dangerous after a few drinks. DWI offenses can change your life in an instant. You want to defend yourself against charges as well as possible. If you need a DWI lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, you can count on the Don Bodenhamer Law Firm.

Our defense attorney has your back. You'll get sound advice and aggressive representation from Don Bodenhamer. He not only knows the ins and outs of criminal law; he has connections within the justice system. Plus, he's a member of the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and American Bar Association.

Discuss your case with a skilled DWI defense attorney now. You can reach Don Bodenhamer by calling 817-831-6000.

Explore legal solutions

Explore legal solutions

If you've already lost your license due to a DWI charge, you can still benefit from hiring a DWI lawyer. Don Bodenhamer can help you assess your situation and plan your next move. One of your best options will be to get an occupational driver's license. This will legally allow you to drive to work. You won't have to sacrifice your livelihood because of a mistake behind the wheel.

Schedule your free consultation on DWI offenses today. The Don Bodenhamer Law Firm is based in Fort Worth, Texas but also serves clients in Dallas, Parker, Somerville and Ellis counties.